Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Back in August we flew up to Portland for a long weekend with these hooligans. They took us all over their new(ish) city by way of public transit, foot, Subaru, inflatable canoe, and aerial tram while patiently tolerating our questions. "Now, what river is that? The same one?" "Is this southeast or northwest, er, wait-" "Is this near where we were last night? No? Wait-" "Should your car be making that noise?"

We loved Portland, green, lush, friendly, weird, tattooed, bearded, bicycle rights, Portland. These photos are just a sample of our activities. Some things not pictured:

-A drive around Sauvie Island topped off with a picnic and live music (and almost a voodoo donut) at Kruger's Farm
-More music at Mississippi Studios Bar Bar
-Late night showing of Star Trek
-Evening real estate hunting
-A lot more. Just go to Portland.

{neighborhood exploring}

{so green!}

{view of downtown? southwest? northeast? still not sure}

{setting off in the inflatable canoe}

{spousal hunger games}

{Portland Aerial Tram}

{view from the tram}

{stopped for a treat at Salt and Straw}

{remnants of treat}


{standing below Multnomah Falls}

{above the falls}

*Please excuse the random spacing and all of the photos that blogger has deleted from when I started this post. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

East Coast

Last fall we took a short trip to the East Coast to visit my/our (sister Tory and her hubs came too!) grandparents in southern Maryland, on the Potomac River. Like, on it. And before heading out into the country we spent about 24 hours in DC paying our respects to our capital. And the Capitol.

*We sustained only minor injuries on this trip.

{24 hour diner near our hotel. The experience was interesting and delicious}

 {Library of Congress} 

 {do you spy Carl?}

 {visiting the family winery. No big deal}

{the Admiral} 

 {we drank a lot of wine that night. And talked about weevils}